Pansy Day is an American lifestyle brand of creative, artisan jewelry. Designed with layering colors and textures in mind, women create their own look, selecting a single favorite or the perfect groupings. Our bracelets and necklaces are made from semi-precious stones and other fine materials for a feminine and fun approach to jewelry.

About the Name

Pansy Day is named after founder Lisa Hopson’s much-loved grandmother, who embodied a confident, personal, feminine style. A modern woman in the truest sense, every timeless, on-trend Pansy Day piece is inspired by her and created to celebrate every woman’s unique style.

About Lisa

Pansy Day jewelry reflects the style and sensibility of founder and designer, Lisa Hopson. A love of creative self-expression and an intuitive sense of trends combine with her 25 years in the fashion industry. Lisa brings her knowledge of jewelry full circle through Pansy Day, where her background in sales and eye for color, patterns, and trends blend with the art of making handcrafted jewelry.

Each Pansy Day piece has our signature turquoise stone near the closing. Not only does it look great on everyone, turquoise is the stone of contentment. Be content wearing Pansy Day.